Varsity 2017 – Team Derby Volleyball Report

Above Image: A member of Team Derby’s Mens Volleyball team serves the ball. 

Last week, the annual Varsity sports event between Derby and Northampton University took place, with the final being held at the Sixfields Stadium, home to League 1’s Northampton Town Football Club. On the day, I focused on Team Derby’s Men’s and Women’s Volleyball team’s and how they faired against the Northampton Stallions.

First, I watched the Women’s Volleyball, and unfortunately they lost three sets to nil. In the post match interview, team member Anastasija Matvejeva explained that the team didn’t get enough time to prepare for the contest: “Well, I think we did okay because this wasn’t actually our team. We only had three girls from the first team and the rest were from the second team. The first team and second team never play together, so we were settling down for about two sets and the third set we played properly. If we had set up earlier, it could of been (better).”

A lack of playing time together hampered the efforts of the Team Derby’s Women’s Volleyball team.

The Men’s team didn’t fair any better, also losing three sets to nil. After the game, I talked to team captain Michael Lee about where the weaknesses were in the team’s overall performance: “I think we came in thinking its going to be an easy game. We didn’t take warm up very seriously, we were doing the wrong things and we didn’t get into it soon enough.”

Despite controversy in their game, the Northampton Stallions were the better team on the day.

However, the game did have its controversy, as one of the officials – who was wearing a Northampton Stallions shirt – called the ball to be in bounds against Derby, when the ball was in fact out of bounds on two separate occasions. These decisions however were overturn after review. In addition, the person responsible for adding to the scoreboard was told off for not adding scores for Team Derby, something which also occurred in the Men’s Basketball game.

You can also view my interview the Volleyball games on the Facebook page for the University of Derby Student Union (UDSU) or by clicking this link


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