Formula One 2017 – Car Launches

With the first pre season test due to start on Monday, one by one the teams have been launching their challengers for the upcoming season. 
Therefore, it’d be a good idea to analyse what’s what and whether there are any innovative ideas amongst the various designs. 

Williams FW40

Image Source: WilliamsF1Tv (YouTube) 
The Williams FW40 was the first of the new era to be revealed, albeit a teaser via a digital rendering online, before the release official later in the week.

Immediately, the shape of the car catches your eye and looks considerably more aggressive compared to previous designs. 

This is achieved through the front and rear wings, in addition to the shark fin, a common feature on the majority of this year’s cars. The Martini colours compliment them well.

The official unveil demonstrated a different version of the shark fin compared to the teaser.

Image Source: Williams Racing (Twitter)

Sauber C36

Marcus Ericsson drives the new Sauber during a shakedown in Barcelona

Image Source: Sauber F1 Team (YouTube)

This year, the Swiss Sauber team will be celebrating 25 years in Formula One, in which they’ve achieved 27 podiums and one race win across 421 Grand Prix starts.*

Their latest model, the C36, has been compared to the Ligier JS43 (below), which Olivier Panis drove towards his only victory at the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix. Again, the car looks aggressive and looks stunning in the retro styled livery.

A fan’s rendition of the Sauber C36 in Ligier colours.

Image Source: Daniele Sanfilippo (@DanSanfy13, Twitter)

Renault R.S.17

The Renault team standing alone side their R.S.17

Image Source: Renault Sport (YouTube)

After the 15 minutes of discussion, the R.S.17 was finally revealed to the world, sporting a livery similar to that of its predecessor.

The car uses a front wing design similar to that of the Williams and Sauber. In contrast, a extra winglet in between the shark fin and rear wing (below) will be used. This will be in place to help with air flow and at the same time, reducing drag.

The extra winglet on the Renault R.S.17.

Image Source: Sutton Images (Twitter)

Force India VJM10

Sergio Perez (left) and Esteban Ocon stand alongside the Force India VJM10 at its launch at Silverstone. 

Image Source: Sutton Images (Twitter)

You can replay the launch of the VJM10 here.

The launch of the VJM10 was broadcasted via Sky Sports F1 online. The car has some innovative ideas, such the details of the front wing (below), which is a clear evolution of last year’s car. 

On the other hand, the car’s use of the shark fin received a fair bit of criticism from fans, some branding it as “excessive”. Overall though, the car looks promising. 

A detailed look of the VJM10’s front wing (top) and how the rear wing looks next to the shark fin.

Image Source: Sutton Images (Twitter) (1st Image) (2nd Image)

Mercedes F1 W08 EQ Power+

Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas pull back the covers to reveal the Mercedes W08.

Image Source: Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Petronas (YouTube, 360 Degree Video)

At a first glance, the new W08 looks like a completely different beast against its rivals. Unsurprisingly though, the livery is mostly unchanged.

The front wing contains a considerable amount of detail on the front wing emplates. Many experts believe this suggests that Mercedes will be running at the front once again. This is emphasised by the fact they haven’t used a shark fin

However, when Valterri Bottas did his shakedown around at Silverstone in the afternoon, many photographers spotted a ‘T Wing’ attached to the car, suggesting the team are still into the air flow at the W08’s rear.

Could Mercedes’ use of the ‘T Wing’ be their alternative answer to the shark fin?

Image Source: Sutton Images (Twitter)

McLaren MCL32

McLaren have gone back to its roots for 2017.

Image Source: McLaren (YouTube)

After much speculation, the McLaren MCL32 will inject some colour onto the grid and will be orange…and black. 

Although the car shares similarities with its rivals in terms of rear wing design, the front part of the nose cone contains three holes on either side. 

It is believed this has been done to assist the air flow towards the bargeboards and improve aerodynamic efficiency.

A close up of the McLaren MCL32’s front wing design.

Image Source: McLaren (YouTube)

Ferrari SF70H

The Ferrari SF70H unveiled for the first time.

Image Source: Sports Videos (YouTube)

The Ferrari SF70H was revealed, and as ever, they’d gone down a completely different route altogether. For starters, the sidepods resemble the F1 cars of the mid to late 90’s; the Jordan 196 and the Prost JS45 come to mind.

In addition to this, the Scuderia have opted to add a variation of the ‘T Wing’ on the end of their shark fin. This also has the Italian tricolore on it, which I think is a nice touch.

Kimi Räikkönen driving the Ferrari SF70H during a shakedown at the team’s Fiorano test track in Italy.

Image Source: Marchettino (YouTube)

Red Bull RB13

The Red Bull RB13 will be using a test livery in Barcelona.

Image Source: Red Bull Racing (Twitter)

Red Bull unveiled their 2017 challenger with a video package, containing a series of quick cutaway shots of the car. 

At the time of press, Red Bull haven’t released any photos of the car. However, the tip of the front wing’s nose has a longer version of the blunt end that was used last year (below). 

This has a hole and its purpose is to improve air flow around the middle part of the front wing, where emplates are banned on safety grounds.

The blunt end on the nose of the RB13’s front wing.

Image Source: Red Bull Racing (Twitter)

Haas VF17

A slight change in livery for Haas in 2017. 

Image Source: Haas F1 Team (Twitter)

Haas will be looking to build on an impressive first season in Formula One, with their new VF17, which was leaked before its official launch.

Like Red Bull, they’ve included the blunt nose feature (above) on the nose of their front wing. The inclusion of winglets on the upper part of the nose shows that the team are trying to think outside of the box.

Romain Grosjean driving the Haas VF17 at a shakedown in Barcelona; this image was leaked a day before the car’s official release.

Image Source: Joao Carlos Costa (@jcceurosport, Twitter)

Toro Rosso STR12

Toro Rosso drivers Carlos Sainz Jr. (Left) and Danil Kvyat alongside the STR12.

Image Source: Toro Rosso (Twitter)

As the old saying goes, they’ve saved the best till last! Toro Rosso’s new livery is stunning and is appropriate for ushering in a new era for Formula One.

As for the car itself, the attention to detail is clear. The nose cone has similar aspects to that of the Mercedes. At the rear, the car looks well developed, in particular the winglet that is similar to that of the Renault in place. 

Reverse angles of the STR12; arguably sporting the best livery of the 2017 grid.

Image Source: Etienne Dokkum (Twitter)

*Includes the five seasons the team were known as BMW Sauber


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